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When accepting an ESPN interview, Mike Wei said: "When he just entered the league, he is already a strong amazing player, although the body may be small, but his health is not inferior. You can also see him Competitiveness after the ball. "

According to the news, Bell's privileged label is very special. It allows the two sides to reach a long-term contract before July 15 this year. If the steel man does not match the same team, you can choose to sign Bell, but you need to give steel people 2 First round draft.

Previously, according to the NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Patriot did not take Cooko to take over the number one, and did not think that Cook's data can prove that he is suitable for the team.

"The two teams of the Saint and Patriots have many offensive patterns. The location of Cook has changed, and sometimes the slot, sometimes standing outside. But no matter how it is capable of completing the attack, this is the most The person is expected. His plasticity is infinite. "

Yes, Braddy admits that this is a good tactics, but also invited his wife to participate in watching, then there is no then. It is said that this is not the first time Edrman wants to give Braddy to see his own ball skills.

It is mainly due to space considering, he will take up 7.29 million US dollars, and cut him with a 6.25 million dollars. When the free market is open, the raid is expected to have 55 million US dollars.

The 29-year-old White Hyde has played 32 regular sessions for the raid in the past two years, contributing 234 times, 6 times destroyed, once, forcing the ball. Professional football focusing website gives him a ratings with Anthony Barr, Tremein - Tremaine Edmunds, and Leighton Vander Esch is quite.

In the course, the Patriot has lost a lot of people in the second line, so the team shifts to build a more tough front line seven groups. In the new season, Meiio will partner Hyoshua as an internal virtue, and the external guards are held by Jamie Collins and Rob Nink Ninkovich.

Steelman is a privileged label for running Wire-Bell
Pittsburgh steel people never allow yourself to enter the free market, US During Monday, the team announced the privilege label for this 25-year-old.

In the privileged label, Bell's income reached 12.3 million US dollars, he completed 1268 yards in 12 games last season, but in the United States finals, the first branch of the new England patriot, the final team Live to the patriot.

"Everyone is saying that Cust is a good player," Mac Wei said, "He already has a lot of competition, analyzing these enough proves his ability. I don't care about the system, Cook can integrate with any system, he Where can I play a ball. "

Ram coach McDendended walking Karks
The love of the ram coach Sean Mcvay, the love of Brandin Cooks, is already spent. Cooks who are traded to the raft by patriots will bear the heavy responsibility of far-reaching offensive.

It is reported that the hidden camera in Will is taken from some of the rickets, and has now handed over to the police. In July 2015, the Chicago Bear and the Errrian Berrian Bernard Berrian were taken with a hidden camera, and the intruder was his own university room friend.

Although the patriot does not lack the wire guard, the injury problem is a hidden danger that the team has to be guarded. Jerod Mayo and Tang Tower - Hightower (A hightower) were subject to surgery due to knee and shoulder injury, and still resumed during recovery. Fletcher is also troubled by injuries last season, just 4 times. At present, he has recovered from injuries, and his arrival will further enhance the depth of patriot lineup.

Patriot signing the old line Wei Fletcher
After a year of piracy for Tampawan, Dane Fletcher returned to New England Patriots. Tuesday, the Patriots announced that it has and Fletcher agree mouse click on Bjlist the New Testament, the two sides signed a short about a period of 1 year. A week ago, the Patriots sign and return another team who played linebacker Brandon - Spikes (Brandon Spikes).